Geotechnical solutions

We come into our own in the geotechnical area. We can get you into extreme locations safely for hands-on inspection and can assist with analysis and remedial design. Avalon takes advantage of the most recent product and design software developments.

Because of our commitment to making safety paramount, you need have no worries on any level, and we carry professional indemnity insurance.

Here’s a brief outline of what we do. Contact us for further details or with any questions.


    • Minimise immediate risks to people and assets
    • Accurate hazard reports
Avalon team members removing unstable rock from a cliff

    Avalon successfully and safely delivers high profile geotechnical and construction blasting projects with our own qualified blasters.

    • To proactively trigger rockfall
    • To eliminate hazards
    • Construction demolition
  1. Rockfall defenses

    Avalon supplies rockfall protection systems that meet the very highest specifications of durability, strength and performance. We provide and install:

    • High energy ring nets
    • Draped double twist mesh
    • Wire rope reinforced mesh
    • Rockfall catch fences
    • Debris flow barriers
    • Passive measures up to 5000kJ certified
Rock fall defense fencing anchored to a slope
  1. Rock reinforcement (active and passive)

    • Active reinforced mesh
    • Rock bolts
    • Cable anchorages
    • Wire rope strapping
    • Wire rope panels
    • Tensioned ring nets
Avalon team member abseils over a fully meshed cliff
  1. Slope stabilisation and erosion control

    New Zealand’s active geology and extreme weather conditions leave us particularly exposed to rockfall and landslips. Slope stabilisation systems are a key element in the design of modern infrastructure networks and have a direct impact on safety.

    • Soil nails
    • Ground anchorages
    • Geotextiles: grids, mesh and mat
    • Drainage installation
    • Shotcrete and grouting
Avalon team members with retaining wall and heavy equipment
  1. Vegetation management

    Vegetation is generally detrimental to rock slope stability but beneficial on soil slopes. Avalon has the certification and experience to execute the most demanding operations on difficult terrain in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

    To protect soils and weaker rocks from our harsh climate, call Avalon for assistance with:

    • Rock stability
    • Tree felling
    • Spray application
    • Selective clearance
    • Scrub clearance and replanting
Avalon team member pruning trees above Arapuni dam powerhouse