Kip Mandeno

General Manager
Kip Mandeno

Kip has been with Avalon since its launch in 1996. Unable to keep away, he came and went several times before returning full time in 2011.

He brings to Avalon a long history of work in both adventure tourism and rope access (occasionally simultaneously). As Kip puts it, he’s had “a diverse and challenging career with a common focus of safety management in diverse environments.”

What Kip enjoys most about Avalon is the diversity it offers: “Rope access is a solution to many different access issues so every day is different, with a constant stream of new challenges.”

While Kip’s has been a career on rope, after hours he is often on rope as well: his spare time is filled travelling or caving in the back country. He has a passion for Search & Rescue volunteering and is frequently called upon to provide training in the area of technical rescue. “It too complements the rope access skills and knowledge I use every day at Avalon.”