Neil McHugh

Managing Director
Neil McHugh
B.A. M.Sc. Engineering Geologist MIPENZ

As co-founder of Avalon, Neil has been with the company since its beginning, 24 years ago.

Neil followed a Geology degree from the University of Oxford with an MSc in Engineering Geology from Leeds University. Neil’s involvement with rope access goes back to 1988 when he began work with CAN (UK) Ltd. Other positions included Geotechnical Manager for HRS Ltd, with his last role before leaving the UK as Senior Geotechnical Engineer with Eastwood & Partners Consulting Engineers in Sheffield.

Neil thrives on the variety that Avalon offers: “Every week brings along a new challenge.”

Having been a very active caver, climber and surfer in the past, these days much of Neil’s recreational time is spent maintaining and flying a 1952 vintage de Havilland aeroplane. “I’m also constructing a homebuilt aircraft in my garage, slowly.”